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Evaluation of Your Visual System

Dr. Amos will determine your need for vision correction due to nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, or presbyopia. He also will evaluate your binocular or stereo vision which impacts your eyes ability to work together for proper depth perception and for normal tracking ability. This is important for reading comprehension and comfort while reading. A neurological evaluation of eye muscle function and color vision tests are also conducted.

Evaluation of Ocular Health

A good eye exam is much more than just fitting you for glasses or contacts to improve vision. Dr. Amos strives to spend adequate time with each patient to perform a thorough comprehensive eye health examination. This includes dilation of the pupils, retinal photography to monitor for subtle and major changes over time, glaucoma testing, and evaluation for cataracts and macular degeneration, and monitoring your eye health for ocular manifestations of many systemic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or cholesterol, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, thyroid disease, and others. THIS MAY SURPRISE YOU! A comprehensive medical eye exam is important even if your vision is perfect. Seeing clearly doesn't always mean your eyes are healthy on the inside. Many eye conditions do not affect your vision in their early stages. A comprehensive medical eye exam can detect health-threatening conditions such as vascular irregularities that may predispose one for a stroke, diabetes-related complications of the retina, high blood pressure related retinal issues, precancerous or cancerous lesions inside or on the eye that cause no symptoms. Also retinal holes or tears can be present and often cause no visual symptoms but can be precursors to a retinal detachment. For these reasons, we recommend you be proactive with your eye health with a yearly checkup and preserve that perfect vision.

Contact Lens Services

Contact lens tecnnology has come a long way over the past few years. We provide contact fitting services for a large variety of specific needs such as single vision, astigmatism correction, monovision correction, and multifocal/ bifocal lenses to help get you out of glasses completely.

Treatment of Eye Diseases and Disorders

Dr. Amos will be happy to see emergencies and red irritated eyes. He can diagnose and treat such conditions as: abrasions, foreign bodies, corneal ulcers, bacterial or viral infections, and ocular allergies, etc. Chronic conditions such as Glaucoma or Dry Eye Syndrome can be diagnosed and treated or monitored by Dr. Amos as well.

Comanagement with Surgeons

Dr. Amos serves those patients requiring cataract surgery by referring them to well qualified surgeons and then can provide their post operative care convieniently in his office. Dr. Amos will also do LASIK consultations and provide post operative care for those LASIK patients that he refers for surgery.

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